What are your hearing protection options to protect against noise

Written by Hany Ghonaim, Audiologist

Nov 24, 2018


The ear is the organ responsible for hearing as well as maintaining body balance and position. As much as it is a complex and sensitive system, it is also a fragile one.  Unfortunately, as a society, we tend to ignore the safety of our ears, therefore hearing protection.

Excluding congenital and medical causes of hearing loss, noise is the single most harmful thing for the hearing system. When exposed to a prolonged period of excessive noise, the delicate nervous hair cells in the cochlea sustain permanent damage. Although people working in noise are most at risk of developing a noise-induced hearing loss (professional hearing loss), there are many other risky loud noises in our immediate surroundings.

Exposure to prolonged periods of excessive noise can cause mental fatigue and in some cases a temporary or permanent hearing loss. Tinnitus characterized by ringing in the ears can also be caused by exposure to excessive noise.

Audiologists recommend the use of hearing protection when in contact with loud noise for prolonged periods. Hearing protection come in different models and shapes to best suit the specific needs of each individual.

There are also specialized ear and hearing protection products for sleeping, swimming, hunting, airplane travel, musicians, concerts and many other noisy activities.


Custom made earplugs made with durable, reusable, washable silicone. They are molded to fit the dimensions of the ear, therefore offering the best fit. These earplugs are made to adapt to the specific needs of each individual and can be obtained for the following uses.

  • Musicians and DJ’s: Fitted with specialized musician filters to allow for ideal listening of the musical details at a comfortable listening level
  • Noise: Fitted with specialized noise filters to allow for ideal communication while attenuated the unwanted excessive noise. They can be used by people working in noise, or individuals who are often in noisy situations
  • Swimming and water: Flottable silicone earplugs for children and adults who want to avoid water in the ears
  • Sleeping: Comfortable silicone earplugs for a good night sleep


The traditional ear muffs and disposable ear plugs are used for a variety of noisy leisure activities as well as around the house. They are best suited for occasional users who do not have any specialized protection needs.


They are reusable earplugs, but they are not custom made. These earplugs offer a cheaper alternative to the custom earplugs while offering a wide specialized functionality range. Often, one can choose between a few default sizes.

  • Musicians, DJ’s and music concerts: Equipped with a specialized filter for ideal music listening at a safe volume level
  • Airplane travel: For individuals who experience pain due to pressure level changes on the airplane
  • Swimming and water: For children and adults who want to avoid water in the ears
  • Noise: For individuals who need reusable silicone earplugs for the occasional noisy activities that can include hunting, motorcycle riding and many other uses

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