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What are the steps to get a hearing aid?

In the province of Quebec, three types of hearing care professionals work together to offer their patients a complete and specialized service. Sometimes, a visit to all three of these professionals can be needed to ensure proper management of an individual’s hearing loss.

ENT Doctor

The physician specialized in ear, nose, and throat pathologies. He makes a medical diagnosis of the hearing disorder and determines if it can be cured through medical means (medication, surgery, etc.). If possible, he treats the hearing disorder using medical means.


The health care professional prevents, evaluates, and treats hearing disorders using non-medical means. Audiologists know the technical and technological tools to overcome hearing disorders. They evaluate the communication needs of the hearing-impaired person to offer them the solutions most suited to their situation. Audiologists are also the reference for tinnitus, vestibular problems, and the effects of noise on health.

Hearing Aid Provider or Audioprosthetist

The specialist sells, prepares, and adjusts hearing aids. This professional makes the hearing aid’s ear mold, ensures the hearing aid’s efficiency, does hearing aid repairs and replacement.

Here is a table to better understand the difference between these three professionals.

In order to obtain hearing aids, these three professionals must be consulted in a certain order.

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