ODYO Audiology Clinic – Montreal – $80

3400 Rue Jean-Talon O
Montreal, H3R 2R8
Phone: 514 700 0322

ODYO Audiology Clinic – Laval – $70

4415 Boul Notre-Dame
Laval, H7W 1T7
Phone: 514 700 0322

How good is your hearing? Only an audiologist can tell.

Audiologists at ODYO offer hearing tests and other hearing care services at an audiology clinic near you. Book your hearing test and other hearing care appointments over the phone or on the Web.

  • Hearing test for 5-year-olds and over
  • Recommendation of hearing aids and audiology counselling
  • Follow-up with other hearing care professionals
  • Online access to patient hearing care reports and recommendations
  • Educational videos and tools
  • Online resources

Visit us at an ODYO audiology clinic near you.

  • Audiology clinic
    • Full hearing test by an audiologist in a soundproof booth
    • Evaluation of individual communication needs
    • Patient hearing care reports accessible online
    • Hearing care recommendations
      • Recommendation of hearing aids (RAMQ, CSST, Veteran Affairs, private sources)
      • TV listening devices
      • Amplified phones
      • Environmental control systems
      • Follow-up coordination
  • Sale and installation of assistive listening devices, find out more on ODYO Shop.
    • TV listening devices
    • Amplified phones
    • Environmental control systems
  • Follow up with audioprothetists for hearing aid management
  • Sale of hearing aid batteries and accessoriesFind out more on ODYO Shop
  • Services offered by ODYO’s certified audiologists can be reimbursed by certain private health insurance plans.

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