Turn it down, it’s too loud!

Listening to loud music is widespread in our modern society. We have all heard the music playing in someone else’s ears on the bus or the subway. We also know about the loud music coming from the next door neighbor. How about night clubs and concert halls, don’t you think music is loud in these venues?

Just like the listeners, performing musicians are equally exposed to excessive loud noises.

Have you ever had a ringing noise in your ears after listening to loud music with your MP3 player, after a night out at a night club or a musical performance? This is called tinnitus and is caused by fatigue of the hearing system. Fatigue of the hearing system can also cause a temporary hearing loss and requires an auditory resting period to avoid the hearing loss from becoming a permanent one.

As hearing care professionals, we realize that a growing number of teenagers and young adults have developed a noise-induced hearing loss due to excessive exposure to loud music. Unfortunately, due to unhealthy habits, premature permanent hearing difficulties and tinnitus are noted at a young age. Therefore, it is safe to say that the risk of inconveniences caused by excessive listening to loud music outweighs its pleasures.

The solution is not to drastically change one’s lifestyle or employment, but rather, to simply change your listening habits. To put it in simple words, turn it down, it’s too loud!

Specialized hearing products that reduce the volume output while keeping the natural musical characteristics are available to suit every specific need. These products will often block competing and unwanted noise to make the music listening experience safe and joyful.


      • Custom earplugs are custom molded ear plugs fitted with specialized volume limiting filters to reduce the volume while keeping the natural musical characteristics. A visit to the audiologist is required to take an ear impression and have the earplugs fit perfectly in the ear. This solution is best fitted for performing musicians as well as concert hall and night club employees.
      • Reusable high fidelity music earplugs offer an economical alternative to custom earplugs. They can be easily acquired and are ready to use immediately. They are equipped with the same specialized volume limiting filters as the custom earplugs while being offered in a few fixed sizes. These earplugs are best suited for individuals occasionally participating in noisy activities such as concerts and night clubs.
      • Custom in-ear earphones are custom molded high performance earphones that fit perfectly inside the ear. They block competing unwanted noise from entering the ear and allow for music listening at a safe comfortable volume. A visit to the audiologist is required to take an ear impression and have the earplugs fit perfectly in the ear. The custom in-ear earphones are best suited for the commuters who listen to music in loud public transport or any other loud areas. They can also be used during physical activity as they will not fall out from the ears.
      • Reusable earphone tips offer an economical alternative to custom in-ear earphones for individuals who would prefer to keep their current earphones. With a variety of models and sizes available, one is sure to find the perfect fit. These products will make your earphones more comfortable to wear, will help them stay in your ears and will block competing unwanted noises.
      • Volume limiters and output limited headphones are used to limit the output volume of music. They are best suited for the safety of children’s ears.
      • Noise cancelling headphones commonly available in electronic stores offer a safe listening experience and are definitely on an audiologist’s good list as long as the output volume is used with moderation.

If you are the kind of person that listens to loud music all the time, you might want to check your hearing health as soon as possible.

Or you could treat your ears and get some of these comfortable products to reduce loud music induced damages risk.

Hany Ghonaim ODYO

Hany Ghonaim, audiologist

Hany is an audiologist that specializes in tinnitus, hearing loss for adults and vertigo. He has been serving ODYO’s clients for the past 5 years in the greater montreal area.

ODYO is an audiology clinic that facilitates access to hearing care through the mobility of its services, web technologies and awareness activities. Its vocation is to prevent hearing loss and to improve the quality of life and social integration of individuals living with hearing loss.

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