Six pertinent facts you must know about your hearing aids batteries :

  1. The technology in use in most of the batteries for hearing aids is zinc oxygen activated and these batteries are sealed with an adhesive tape. Please remove the adhesive tape before immediate use.
  2. After removing the adhesive tape from the battery, please wait one minute for its activation before inserting the battery in the hearing aid.
  3. Life expectancy of a battery for hearing aids may vary in regards to four factors: the level of hearing loss of a person; how long is the period of use of the hearing aid; the production date of the battery itself and the daily environmental ambiance of the bearer.
  4. As soon as the battery is activated, it will work continuously. When not in use, the battery may be removed from the device in order to stretch its life expectancy.
  5. It is of a great importance to bring your dead batteries to appropriate facilities in regards to environment. You may consult http://www.appelarecycler.ca/trouvez-centre/ in order to find the closest recycling facility for those used batteries.
  6. The color of our battery is the best reference to find out which battery suits better to your hearing aid.

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Hany Ghonaim ODYO

Hany Ghonaim, audiologist

Hany is an audiologist that specializes in tinnitus, hearing loss for adults and vertigo. He has been serving ODYO’s clients for the past 5 years in the greater montreal area.

ODYO is an audiology clinic that facilitates access to hearing care through the mobility of its services, web technologies and awareness activities. Its vocation is to prevent hearing loss and to improve the quality of life and social integration of individuals living with hearing loss.

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