Founded by an audiologist in 2011, ODYO is an audiology clinic that facilitates access to hearing care through the mobility of its services, web technologies and awareness activities.


Its vocation is to prevent hearing loss and to improve the quality of life and social integration of individuals living with hearing loss.


Hello friends, Welcome to ODYO.

My little brother was born with a hearing loss. An incident that made me understand how much hearing loss affects not only the life of a hearing-impaired individual, but also that of his/her family, friends and entourage.

Indeed, hearing loss requires adaptation. Significant efforts must be made to educate and support individuals affected by hearing loss. The living, educational and work environments must be adapted to accommodate the specific needs of a hearing-impaired individual.

At ODYO, we believe that to improve the quality of life and social integration of individuals living with hearing loss, professional support must be focused on the individual’s limitations, social context and significant others. We make comprehensive hearing care support more easily accessible.

I hope you will find what you are looking for in ODYO, and I would like to thank you for being with us.



Audiologist and Founder of ODYO


Hany Ghonaim ODYO

Hany Ghonaim, M.P.A.

Audiologist and Founder of ODYO

Aly Sobhy

CTO and Partner at ODYO

Karim Chaouche

COO and Partner at ODYO

German Pinzon, B.A.S.C

Communication Strategy Manager

Stela Morariu, M.P.A.


Independant Audiologists



At ODYO, we strive to provide an energetic and innovative work environment for qualified professionals. We do not hire employees to tell them what to do, but rather, we want them to tell us what we should do. If you are a flexible leader and team player, ODYO is the the place for you.
Audiologist - Full Time
Greater Montreal Area
Audiologist - Part Time
Greater Montreal Area
Marketing and Communication Leader
Montreal Head Office