So you thought you were doing the right thing? No way! It is time to turn your world upside down!

Society is generally unaware of the positive properties of earwax. Cotton swabs also known as Q-tips are widely used in households to ‘clean’ the ears. Although one might think that he is doing himself a favour ‘cleaning’ his ears, the truth is far from that. Using cotton swabs will remove the natural ear lubricants and can push the earwax deeper in the ear canal which might cause injury to the eardrum.

The majority of health experts strongly advise against the use of cotton swabs to clean ears.

Practical advice :

  • Ears maintenance with cotton swabs should be limited to external ear up to the surroundings of auditory canal;
  • The cotton swab should be introduced superficially in the ear in order to avoid a cerumen clog on a long term period. It is also a caution to avoid piercing ear drums in the cleaning process.
  • Special cotton swabs with bigger tips are available for children to limit deep introduction in the ear.

There is a simple way to avoid these potential problems when using cotton swabs. Use some water to clean visible parts of the ears, eliminating the problems above mentioned.

Did you know that earwax produced in the outer ear canal contains chemicals that fight off infections that could hurt the skin inside the ear? Actually, earwax also collects dirt and foreign particles that enter to help keep the ear canal safe and clean.

After years of bad habits, maybe you should think about taking a hearing test.

Here are some alternatives solutions of Q-tips. Let them go before it hurts you.

Hany Ghonaim ODYO

Hany Ghonaim, audiologist

Hany is an audiologist that specializes in tinnitus, hearing loss for adults and vertigo. He has been serving ODYO’s clients for the past 5 years in the greater montreal area.

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