Seniors’ residences

Are hearing aids giving you headaches? Do you need help dealing with hearing loss?

Audiologists at ODYO offer educational activities, hearing evaluation and counselling services to improve the quality of life and social integration of residents living with a hearing loss. We provide the appropriate tools to effectively adapt to hearing aids.

  • Hearing care awareness activities
  • On-site hearing tests and services
  • Services catering to residents and employees
  • Online access to patient hearing care report
  • Educational videos and tools
  • Online resources

All our audiology services are offered at your residence to ensure accessibility to hearing care for your residents.

  • Hearing loss awareness presentation for the residents
    • Signs and effects of hearing loss
    • Hearing test by an audiologist
    • Hearing aids
    • Assistive listening devices
    • Public funding resources
    • Communication strategies
  • Educational workshop for nursing staff and employees
    • How to detect hearing loss
    • Types of hearing loss
    • Communication strategies
    • Public funding resources
    • Hearing aid workshop: how to verify and maintain a hearing aid
    • Assistive listening devices
  • Audiology services at the residence
    • Full hearing test by an audiologist in a soundproof booth, just like in a clinic
    • Evaluation of individual communication needs
    • Hearing care recommendations
      • Recommendation of hearing aids (RAMQ, CSST, Veteran Affairs, private sources)
      • TV listening devices
      • Amplified phones
      • Environmental control systems
  •   Hearing screening at the residence
    • Awareness activity
    • Lets your residents know if they require additional hearing care support
    • Offered exclusively to our partner seniors’ residences
  • Follow up coordination with audioprothetists for hearing aids
  • Mutual aid support groups
    • How to adjust to hearing aids
  • Sale and installation of home substitutes of hearing aids available for your residents :
    • TV listening devices
    • Amplified phonesODYO-Shop-Click-here-2
    • Environmental control systems
  • Products for your residence
    • Earwax removal products
    • Communication products
  • Follow up with audioprothetists for sale and fitting of hearing aids
  • Sale of hearing aid batteries and accessories