Industrial noise

Looking for a turnkey solution for your hearing care needs? Would you like to support the prevention of hearing loss?

Audiologists at ODYO offer educational tools and professional support to prevent noise-induced hearing loss caused by industrial noise. ODYO’s comprehensive services are designed to improve the quality of life of any hearing-impaired workers while facilitating their social and professional integration.

  • On-site hearing screening and pre-employment tests
  • Hearing loss prevention products
  • Hearing care awareness activities
  • Educational videos and tools
  • Online resources

All of our services are offered on-site at your location so your workers have easy access to hearing care, thereby maximizing productivity.

  • On-site hearing screening tests with ODYO’s mobile audiology clinic
  • Up to 12 workers can be tested per hour
  • ODYO provides sound-proof booth(s) and all necessary equipment
  • Hearing tests and follow-up are administered by certified audiologists, not technicians
  • Reports sent to both the workers and the company
  • ODYO adapts to your hours of operation
  • To ensure eligibility of a new employee or to prevent possible conflicts with the CSST or any other worker compensation agency concerning hearing loss liability, a pre-employment hearing test is strongly recommended
  • Complete hearing tests offered on-site or at an ODYO Clinic
  • Hearing care awareness activities offered on-site to help prevent noise-induced hearing loss
  • Custom-made earplugs for each worker
  • Earmuffs and generic earplugs
  • CSST expertise offered at an ODYO Clinique
  • Evaluation of ambient noise levels in your work environment
  • Adaptation of work posts
  • Mutual aid groups
    • Tinnitus
    • Hearing aid users