Do you need support managing your FM Systems? Would you like to support the prevention of hearing loss?

Audiologists at ODYO offer educational tools and professional support required to prevent premature hearing loss and improve the academic and social integration of hearing-impaired students.

  • Sale of FM systems and management services
  • Hearing loss prevention products
  • Hearing care awareness activities
  • Educational videos and tools
  • Online resources
  • Sale of FM systems and accessories from leading manufacturers
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  • Management of FM systems for schools and school boards
  • On-site support services to maintain, troubleshoot and repair FM systems
  • On-site educational services for teachers and school personnel on how to maximize the outcome of FM systems
  • School year-end verification and repair of FM systems
  • On-site hearing screening tests with ODYO’s mobile audiology clinic
    • Audiologists at ODYO offer schools the possibility to administer quick non-intrusive tests to their younger students to rule out hearing loss as a cause to poor academic performance.
  • Hearing care awareness activities for elementary schools
    • Interactive activities catered to children to increase their awareness about noise and healthy hearing habits.
  • Hearing loss prevention activities for high schools
    • Interactive activities catered to teenagers to educate them about safer listening habits, as recommended by audiologists.