How to Protect Your Musician’s Ears

Hany Ghonaim

Written by Francis L’Africain,


Unilateral Hearing Loss

For musicians, the consequences of hearing loss are greater than in the general population. Indeed, besides affecting social and family life, the impairment has a big impact on professional life.

To protect against hearing loss, the key is to reduce your exposition to high noise levels. As a professional musician, that means wearing high-quality musicians’ earplugs.

Musicians’ Earplugs

Foam earplugs sold in pharmacies are suitable hearing protection for some situations, however, for a musician, they’re far from adequate. They give more sound attenuation in high frequencies (high pitched) than in low frequencies (low pitched). This creates sound distortions which result in a muffled unnatural sound, inadequate for a musician who needs to clearly hear the musical notes and tones. On the other hand, musicians’ earplugs are equipped with custom filters which reduce sound intensity equally over the whole frequency spectrum, preserving tonal quality. The result is a clear undistorted sound softer in intensity.  

Also, musicians’ earplugs are not only useful to musicians. If you like attending concerts, they’re the perfect tool to enjoy the music while protecting yourself from high sound levels. They’re also ideal for sound engineers.   

At ODYO, we conceive custom musicians’ earplugs tailored to the exact size and shape of your ears. They are also comfortable and available in many colours.  

Hearing Test

Furthermore, if you’re a musician, you can take a complete hearing test as a preventive measure to check your hearing and take early action if hearing problems are discovered.

Would you like to take a hearing test? You can book an appointment at one of our ODYO clinics. 

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