ODYO suggests tinnitus maskers!

As we await a cure for tinnitus pain, hearing care professionals propose alternative methods to offer tinnitus sufferers some relief. Tinnitus can have a big impact on a patient’s quality of life. Many tinnitus sufferers have difficulties sleeping because of the annoying sounds in their ears.

Tinnitus masking is a method used to cover, or ‘mask’ the irritating sounds in the ear by a soothing background noise. This method has proven to be effective for a large number of tinnitus patients.

Hearing aids are sometimes used to cover the tinnitus noise during daytime. For nighttime, tinnitus maskers offer the best solution.

Tinnitus maskers are electronic devices that create constant soothing noises such as wind, water fall, rain and white noise. These devices do not make tinnitus go away, but they definitely make them less noticeable. Some people use tinnitus maskers during the day to benefit from the calming effect it has on them.

Tinnitus can be very painful. Fortunately, treatment solutions exist.

Tinnitus maskers and other relief products.

Hany Ghonaim ODYO

Hany Ghonaim, audiologist

Hany is an audiologist that specializes in tinnitus, hearing loss for adults and vertigo. He has been serving ODYO’s clients for the past 5 years in the greater montreal area.

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